February 22, 2012
I stop and look at traffic accidents. I won't hang around, but when I hear something is terrible, as bad as it is, I've gotta look at it.
Norman Lear

This morning, the kids were out of school due to a teacher inservice. We slept a little later than usual, thank goodness! At about 8:30 in the morning, I got a text from a friend wondering if I'd seen the car accident in front of my house yet.

Of course, like a normal human being, I shot out of bed where I was lazily reading, and went to look outside. I could see the police cars, but I couldn't see anything that resembled an accident. I did notice something odd in my neighbor's yard, but I didn't think it was the car.

Turns out it was. This picture is taken after I crossed the street for a closer look. From my front window, it kind of blended in with the scenery and if you didn't look hard, you'd definitely miss it.

Last night, while Joel was at rehearsal and I was cuddling with Sophia and reading in bed, I could hear the cars struggling to get up our steep hill. I hadn't even realized it was snowing! This morning, the amount of snow surprised me, and the roads were more treacherous than they usually are after a storm (we might have even had a snow day if school wasn't already out!). There were more accidents around town than just this one, and I had my iPhone accident later this afternoon, which involved slipping on the ice, dropping my phone, and not noticing.

And then running over it with my car. 

But this picture shows it could have been worse, and I am focusing on that.  (FYI, nobody was badly hurt...the driver suffered a mild concussion, and that was all.  The car itself was even in remarkably good shape!)

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