May 17,2012
And tulips, children love to stretch
Their fingers down, to feel in each
Its beauty's sweet nearer.

~Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
A Flower in a Letter

Our yard has a lot of work ahead of it, we know that. But we do try to make it as pretty as we can, and we have a little flower garden that Joel is particularly proud of. He takes excellent care of it, and in a few more years, I am sure it will be quite amazing.

For now, it has a few tulips and daffodils during the early spring.

Today I noticed that all of the red tulips' heads had been popped off. A tulip bandit was on the loose in the neighborhood! Plus, they'd only been bloomed for a couple days--and the red ones are my favorite.

We're pretty sure we know who it was, but you can't undo the work of a tulip bandit. :(

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