May 16, 2012
I don't like to eat snails. I prefer fast food.
~Roger von Oech

Orthodontist appointments in Marquette today. And I had to take them all by myself since Joel had to teach class. I am actually very nervous about driving so far with just the kids (I hate driving), but all was well, of course.

Normally we would stop to do some good shopping and/or playing after having driven such a distance, but Bria absolutely did not want to miss her science test (love that), so we grabbed the fastest food we could and headed back home, just in the nick of time for science.

***Just as an FYI, I asked at the drive-thru window what they had that was gluten-free.  After much research and asking of managers and consulting the allergen list, the answer was "applesauce."  So, that's what I had.  Not so very filling!***


  1. Culver's has some very nice salads with grilled chicken. I'm pretty sure that would be gluten free.. Maybe they don't know what gluten is! One has grilled chicken, pecans, blue cheese and cranberries. It might have croutons, but those are pretty easy to avoid.

  2. one of my babies had an intolerance to my breast milk when I drank dairy...I asked at a drive through if the ice cream there was dairy...oh my goodness none had any idea what i was even talking about.
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