April 17, 2012
Why don't you get a haircut? You look like a chrysanthemum.
~P. G. Wodehouse

You may have noticed how woolly little Puccini has gotten in the last few weeks. And if you haven't, I certainly have!

So, I scheduled her first grooming trip for today, not knowing it was going to be so snowy and that she would actually need her hair! Also not knowing that the groomer would interpret what I asked for to mean I wanted a naked puppy!

Poor little thing has been shivering to death all day. Lucky for her, her hair grows fast. I know this from experience.

This is the best picture I got of the haircut today. I had thought I would come back to it when she wasn't quite so energetic, but of course I never did. So this is the picture of the day: A naked and blurry Puccini enjoying her chewy.

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