January 3, 2012


A moment, and its glory was no more. The sun went down beneath the long dark lines of hill and cloud which piled up in the west an airy city, wall heaped on wall, and battlement on battlement; the light was all withdrawn; the shining church turned cold and dark; the stream forgot to smile; the birds were silent; and the gloom of winter dwelt on everything.
~Charles Dickens

I had originally thought I would not comment on these pictures, leaving the quote and the actual photo to speak for themselves. But, I think I won't be able to help myself since it's the third day and I feel I must explain this one...

Sophia has her group violin lessons at this Lutheran church every Tuesday. As we arrived today, the sun was just beginning to set and the light on the church was phenomenal. I didn't have my good camera with me, but my iPhone does a pretty good job, thank goodness! As cold and wintry as it's been, that one small moment of the sun's glory shining on the church did a lot for my soul. And when we came back out of the lesson we were back to the gloom of winter.  Thank goodness for glimpses of light and beauty!