The Maestro

It's been a while since I've taken a headshot for The Maestro, and about time to do a new one! So, we tromped out into the snow and took a bunch this afternoon.  He has a concert next weekend and it was now or never if a new shot was going to go into the program.

So, here's the one we chose:

Here are a few more favorites:

In case you were wondering, The Maestro isn't so fond of his smile.  Which is totally ridiculous, because he has a great smile!



  1. I'm so happy to see you posting photos again! I love these!

  2. These are really great. He does have a nice smile.

  3. Handsome maestro. And I see your youngest princess in his face...

  4. Ok, I hate to say it.
    But just the tinest bit like satan.
    Sorry. :)
    I liked the one on your other blog better.
    These are nice though and I bet they'll be great for a program.

  5. These are so great! That is one handsome guy! And I agree-LOVE my big brother's smile!

  6. Tell your handsome maestro that he has a fabulous smile!! He just exudes warmth and positive energy. =)

    Great, great pictures!!!

  7. So nice Lara.The snow was a perfect setting!

  8. He does have a nice smile! They're all nice, but I like the first one best! The brick wall is really neat though.