Capturing life your way

Photography sessions are planned with you and your family in mind. We will have between one and two hours of shooting time together at a location of your choice.* Please keep in mind that the lighting is best for outdoor sessions a couple hours before sunset. Overcast days are also excellent for photos. Indoor sessions are best in the early morning or late afternoon.

Each session includes one clothing change. When choosing clothing for your pictures, remember that solid colors are generally best, but wear the clothing that suits your personality! If more than one person will be included in the session, be sure to coordinate your clothing by both color and style for best results.

Newborn pictures are best done when your baby is 2 weeks old or younger. Infant acne usually hasn't shown up yet and the baby is generally much easier to work with.

*I can help you choose Cedar City locations if you don't have ideas. Indoor sessions may be held at either my home or yours.